How to View MTS Video Files on Your PC

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how-to-play-mts-files-on-pcWhen trying to review your footage on a desktop monitor. Copying the data from the camera,perhaps via a cable or by removing the memory card and copying the clips to your PC.

If you don’t have a suitable player for viewing MTS clips, then you’ll be unable to appreciate exactly what you’ve recorded. You might be planning to edit high definition video (more on that later) so checking through to decide what to lose and what to keep will prove useful.

Fortunately there are some applications for viewing MTS videos, available free online.

The popular VLC Player is one such application, allowing you to load and playback high definition videos saved as MTS format.

Another popular media player application, The KMPlayer, will also handle MTS files, delivering the crisp detail that you expect from a HD recording.

Some MTS files will playback in Windows Media Player 11. Because there are slight differences between the methods used by various cameras for encoding in this format, it isn’t a dead cert that your footage will play back, however. Using a codec pack may help – or you could just use one of the third party suggestions above. If you want to edit your MTS video, you can follow this full guide: How to convert and edit MTS files on PC/Mac

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