How to upload dvd movies to dropbox for your Kindle Fire HD

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I have purchased old dvd’s that I want to copy onto my kindle fire. How can I convert them to a format that will allow them to run on kf? I know how to transfer files and know how to use the gallery app, but can’t get the files in a format that will run on kf.


Amazon announced the new tablet, Kindle Fire HD, and many people will meet the Larry’s situation. We have know how to convert dvd movies to Kindle Fire HD. But we have so many movies that 32GB may be not enough, how to solve it?

Dropbox is a mobile document and media storage tool that allows you to sync you files online for backup. It can play three types of movie files on your kindle fire hd: MOV, M4V, and MP4. onverting your movies to store on Dropbox can be done using a dvd ripper. Once you get them into the correct format, you can enjoy them anywhere with your Kindle Fire HD.

Convert your movie using an dvd converter.
download now 

1. Load DVD discs

2. select output format, we choose MP4.

3. start converting

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