How to sync tabs between Chrome desktop, Chrome Beta for Android



In order for your tabs to sync from the desktop version of Chrome to the Android Chrome Beta, you will first need to install Chrome Beta on your Android device, and ensure you are running the latest version of Chrome on your desktop.

Once you have both apps installed and up to date, sign in to each respective browser using the same Google account. You can sign into Chrome desktop under Preferences > Personal Stuff. Chrome Beta on Android will prompt you to sign in the first time you launch the app.

Now that you’re signed in under the same account in both browsers, launch the desktop version of Chrome and open the Preferences tab.


1. When viewing the Preferences tab, click on Personal Stuff and then under Sign In, click on Advanced.


2. Under the Advance menu, you will need to ensure the “Open Tabs” box is checked. If you have enabled Chrome to sync everything, you won’t have to change anything. However, if you are manually managing what Chrome syncs, you will need to check the box next to open tabs.

That’s all there is to setting up tab sync with Chrome desktop. You can repeat these steps as necessary on more than one desktop. Now let’s take a look at how you view the open tabs in desktop Chrome on your Android device.


1. You have two options to viewing the open tabs on your other devices. You can either drop down the menu and select Other devices on any screen, or you can tap on the folder in the lower-right corner. Both methods will bring you to a view of the open tabs on your devices.


2. As you can see, I have two devices set up to sync my open tabs. The device name the tab is open on, as well as last sync time, is displayed above each tab listing. You can then view any of the tabs by tapping on it.


3. If you would prefer to remove one of your devices from your list, you can long-press on the device name and you will be presented with a Remove option. Doing so will only remove the device from your view, it will not stop the syncing of open tabs on that device.

One more note about the syncing of tabs. As it is now, the sync is one way–from desktop to Android. Tabs you have open on your Android device won’t sync back to Chrome desktop.

From: CNET

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