How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to your computer

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connect-galaxy-s3If you can not connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your computer or the computer can not recognize your phone as a storage devices, please read on:

Normally, the movies, photos or files would be restored in the external memory card, such as SD card. What we do is to make computer recognize our sd card as storage devices. Try the 3 methods as follows:
1. Take out your SD card from Samsung Galaxy S3 and connect it to your computer via a card reader. Your external memory card will be recognized as storage devices.  ( Recommended )
2. You should download a tool from Samsung Official Website ( Samsung Kies )
    Here is the driver download links for it ( )
    (And you should check the Developer Option, cancel the USB debugging)
    Your Samsung Galaxy S3 external memory card will be recognized as storage devices.
3. Correct the settings to complete Samsung Galaxy S3 connection
   1) Click ‘settings’ on your phone then click on the ‘wireless and network’ option.
   2) Scroll down to and click on ‘USB utilities’.
   3) A box should pop up on your phone saying ‘connect storage to PC’ so click on it.
4) You should plug the USB cable into your phone.
   5) Now plug the other end of the USB into your PC.
   6) A box should pop up on your phone saying ‘connect USB storage’ so click on it.
   7) 2 boxes should pop up on your PC that now allow you to see your phone’s files.
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