iphone 5 的照片恢復


Q: 我最近買了一個iPhone 4 並愉快地被搶購走. 然而, 我刪除了錯誤的照片,並沒有要刪除的負載. 我沒有通過iTunes也不照片流之類的東西作任何備份. 所以,我能做些什麼讓我回來的照片.


Q: I just synced over 2,000 photos from my camera roll on my iPhone 5S (在iOS上運行 8) to iPhoto on MacBook Pro Snow Leopard. When the prompt asked to delete photos on phone, I clicked yes. The application wasn’t working after a while so I force quit. When I launch iPhoto again, the photos were not there and half the photos on my camera roll were gone. When I try to sync iPhoto with my iPhone, it says 0 照片. How do I recover them?


Photos are not actually deleted

After you deleted photos on your iPhone, they are not gone, just you can’t see them. They are still be somewhere on the phone. And Apple doesn’t want people to access the data of deleted pictures. So we need a third party iPhone數據恢復 工具.


Before we start to recover the data, you should notice these:

  1. 設置你的iPhone進入飛行模式,不使用它,直到你找到那些照片;
  2. 不同步你的iPhone與iTunes, iCloud的或其他第三方工具, 避免 “刪除照片” 被新數據覆蓋.

6 從iPhone恢復刪除的照片的方法

Here we introduce 6 ways to recover the lost or deleted photos from iPhone. 請閱讀並選擇其中一個可能適合你現在的情況. 在恢復過程中, 我們可能需要iTunes或iCloud的備份.

  1. Extract photos from iCloud backup using iPhone Backup Extractor software
  2. Extract photos from iTune backup with iPhone Photo Recovery tool
  3. Recover deleted photos directly on the iPhone
  4. Retrieve deleted photos directly from iCloud (免費)
  5. Restore lost photos from iTunes backup (免費)
  6. 在iPhone上運行的iOS恢復刪除的照片 8 (免費)

方法 1: Extract photos from iCloud backup using iPhone Backup Extractor software

This method is applicable to the case of people lost their photos but have an iCloud backup. Especially for those who lost their iPhone but want to get the photos back. It is suitable for all iPhone generation that running iOS 5 或更高版本, including the latest iPhone 6 和 6 Plus.

Please download and install the iPhone backup extractor software before following the steps.

步 1: Choose the recovery mode and Sign in your iCloud

After installed the iPhone Photo Recovery, 請運行該程序並選擇的恢復模式 “Recover from iCloud Backup Files”, 然後輸入你的A​​pple ID和密碼登錄. The program would not keep the records of your account, password or content at any time during your sessions.

從 iCloud 中提取照片

步 2: Download and analysis your iCloud backup

When you logged into iCloud, the program will list all iCloud backup files in your account. Choose the most recent one and click 下載, and then choose the type of files you would like to download, click 下一個 to continue. 之後,, 你可以掃描的iCloud內容. 點擊 開始掃描 button to begin. It will take you some time, 請等到掃描過程結束.

從 iCloud 中提取照片

步 3: Preview and recover the photos you want from the iCloud backup

The scanning will last a few minutes. Once stops, 您可以預覽所有的數據在你的iCloud備份文件, like contacts, 消息, 照片, notes and more. 檢查並勾選那些你需要的. 然後點擊 恢復 button to save them on your computer. 程序會提示你是否要放恢復接觸, notes and messages back to your iPhone if it is connected with your computer during the recovery process.

從 iCloud 中提取照片

方法 2: Extract photos from iTunes backup with iPhone Photo Recovery tool

This method is suitable for those who backed up their iPhone with iTunes. If you have lost your photos, don’t have your iPhone around. Or your phone was stolen. You want the photos back. So please look at here, we will introduce how to extract the iTunes backup file and found the photos you want. First download the iPhone Photo Recovery tool. It has Windows version and Mac version, please make sure download the right one.

步 1: Choose your iTunes backup and extract it

Run the program and switch to the mode of “從iTunes備份文件中恢復”. Then all your iTunes backup on your computer will be found and listed. Select the one you want and click “開始掃描” to extract it.

從 iTunes 備份中提取照片

步 2: Preview and recover previous data

After a while, all data in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in categories. It contains deleted and existing items on your device. To separate them, please turn on “Only display the deleted items”. You can preview them and tick those photos you want. 然後點擊 “恢復” 鈕. The contacts, notes and messages can be directly recovered to your iPhone if you keep your iPhone connected with your computer during the recovery process.

從 iTunes 備份中提取照片

方法 3: Direct scan and recover deleted photos on the iPhone

This method only applies to iPhone 4 和iPhone 3GS. If you don’t have iCloud backup or iTunes backup of your iPhone, or your backups are out of date, then the last method is to using iPhone Data Recovery software to scan the iPhone directly and try to find them. Please download and install the software first.

步 1: 您的iPhone連接到計算機上並運行程序

Connect your iPhone 4/3GS to the computer, 並運行程序. You’ll see the main window as below. Switch to the “Advanced Mode” through the button at the lower-right corner.


You will be asked to follow the 3-step introduction to enter device scanning mode. The program will ask you to download a plugin before entering the iPhone device scanning mode.


步 2: 啟動掃描過程中尋找丟失的照片

After you click the “開始” 鈕, and follow the steps to enter the device scanning mode. The program will analysis your iPhone for the lost data.


步 3: 預覽並從iPhone恢復被刪除的照片

掃描後, 所有發現的數據顯示在類別, 您可以通過選擇相機膠卷或照片流中預覽照片. Tick those you want to get back and click “恢復” 將它們保存在電腦上.


注: 照片在這裡找到包含刪除,也是現有的還是在iPhone上. 如果你只想看到被刪除的照片, 上滑動,頂部的按鈕將它們分開: “Only display the deleted items.”

方法 4: Retrieve deleted photos directly from iCloud (免費)

This method applies to all iPhone generation running iOS 5 或更高版本. If you lost photos just after backed up with iCloud. You can restore from iCloud backup directly.

例如, you just deleted some photos by accident, but you have backed up the iPhone with iCloud yesterday and didn’t take any photo after that. Then you can restore those photos from the backup directly. Or You got your iPhone stolen, but want to get your photos back. If you have other iOS device like iPad, you can login your iCloud account on it, and restore the photos from the iCloud backup. The photos would be downloaded to your iPad. Here are the steps.

1. 在您的iOS設備, go to Settings > 一般 > Software Update. If a newer version of iOS is available, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install it.

2. Make sure you have a recent backup to restore from.
On your iOS 8 設備: 進入設置 > icloud的 > 存儲 > Manage Storage, then tap a device listed under Backups to see the date and size of its latest backup.
On your iOS 7 設備: 進入設置 > icloud的 > 存儲 & 備用 > Manage Storage, then tap a device listed under Backups to see the date and size of its latest backup.

3.進入設置 > 一般 > Reset, then tap “Erase all content and settings”.


4. In the Setup Assistant, proceed to “Set up your device”, tap Restore from a Backup, then sign in to iCloud.
5. Proceed to “Choose backup”, then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud. Then the data in the backup file would be restored on your phone.

從 iCloud 備份還原 iphone

注: Before the restore from iCloud backup, you’ll have to erase all the content and settings from your iPhone. You may lose your new data and settings.

方法 5: Restore lost photos from iTunes backup (免費)

This method is applicable to all iOS device. If you didn’t disable the automatic sync option in iTunes, it will create a backup every time you synched your iPhone with your computer. You can easily retrieve the photos with those backups.

1. 將iPhone連接到具有備份文件的計算機.
2. Run the iTunes. 請確保它是iTunes的最新版本.
3. 經過iTunes識別你的iPhone, 單擊還原備份按鈕, or choose File > 設備 > 從後退恢復了. 如果您使用的是iTunes 10.7 或更早, right click the device from the list and choose Restore from Backup.

從 iTunes 備份還原 iphone

1. You should always keep your iTunes backup up to date. Or you may lose your new data and settings since the iPhone would be fully erased and go back to the previous status.
2. 沒有辦法來預覽在備份中的內容, and you can’t choose to recover part of them. This is the point that I think iPhone Backup Extractor does better than iTunes.

方法 6: 在iPhone上運行的iOS恢復刪除的照片 8 (免費)

最新的iOS 8 has a new function on Photo app. You may found there are two new folders named “Recently Added” 和 “Recently Deleted” under Albums. 正如其名稱所暗示, the photos you just got is in the “Recently Added” folder while the other folder “Recently Deleted” temporarily keeps the photos you have recently deleted. 所以, 如果你剛刪除的照片或圖像意外, 您可以輕鬆地恢復它們. Tap into the “Recently Deleted” folder and choose the one you need. 然後點一下 “恢復”. The photos would be moved to its original place.

在 iOS 中恢復已刪除照片 8


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