How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Galaxy S5

You would be happy when you pick up a new Galaxy S5, but be in a little trouble with copying your contacts, messages, calendars, pictures and other data from your iPhone to the Galaxy S5. Here will introduce you 2 ways to transfer data from your iPhone to Galaxy S5.

Method 1: Transfer data to Galaxy by using Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App

Samsung write a free app named Smart Switch Mobile to help people transfer critical information stored in your iCloud backups so that the iPhone users may be more willing to use the new Galaxy S5. It is software which makes it easy to transfer your contacts, messages, photos, music and other data from your old smartphone (Currently supports moving from most iPhone, BlackBerry, LG, Nokia (Symbian) and Samsung smartphones) to a Galaxy S4, S5 and other models.

1. Back up your iPhone by using iCloud. (See also: How to Back Up your iPhone Using iCloud)

2. Pick up your brand new Galaxy S5 and install the free Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app from the Google Play Store.

3. Launch the app, choose Import from iCloud. Then enter your Apple ID and password. After logging in, tap the most recent backup in the list and wait for the information to populate.


4. The next page will list the content in the backup by category. Select which item you want to transfer or just tick Select All totransfer all the data. Then tap Import button at the bottom. A new message will appear onscreen, explaining how to transfer larger items like music and videos to your new Samsung Galaxy S5.


5. Depending on your connection speed, and size of the backup, the import process would take a while. After the transfer finished, press the Done button to exit the app. Your contacts, messages and other data are in your Galaxy S5 now. Then you can delete the app.

Method 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Galaxy S5 using MobileTrans software

Different with Smart Switch Mobile, MobileTrans is a shareware. It was developed by Wondershare Software. It will help you to transfer data between iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian) phones and BlackBerry in one-click. Absolutely, your Galaxy S5 is included. Actually, any other Android smartphones.

First, you need to download it here (For Windows and for Mac) . Then follow the steps.

1. Launch the MobileTrans after you installed it

Choose Phone to Phone Transfer mode. The software also supports Restore From Backups, Back Up your Phone and Erase Your Old phone if you want to sell it.

2. Conect both your iPhone and Galaxy S5 to your computer

Connect your old iPhone and new Galaxy S5 to your computer at a time. After the program recognize the devices, it will show the content on your iPhone like this. Tick the items you want to transfer. From iPhone to Android, you can transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos.

Note: For successfully transfer the valuable data from iPhone, this program will need iTunes installed. And it will remind you that if you don’t have iTunes.

3. Transfer all you wanted data to your brand new Galaxy S5

Click Start Copy button to begin the transfer process. The software will ask you if you want to erase all the data on the Android phone by ticking Clear data before copy. This would reduce duplication of data on your new phone if you have entered some information before or it was previously used for a short time by a friend or family member. The transfer process will take a while depends on your connection speed and data size.

Note: Do not disconnect either the iPhone or the Android phone until the MobileTrans software alert you that the entire transfer process is complete.

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