How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S4

This guide will show how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S4. You may encountered a big problem if you want to change your old iPhone to an excellent Samsung Galaxy S4. You can’t transfer the data (contacts, text messages, photos, etc.) from iPhone to Galaxy S4 because of their different platforms. Apple and Google doesn’t offer a solution for data transferring between iOS and Android.

Things we need

  • Your old iPhone and new Samsung Galaxy S4
  • The USB cables of iPhone and Galaxy S4
  • A computer with Windows system. For the transfer tool is based on Windows. It works on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, both 32bit and 64bit.
  • A 3rd party phone data transfer tool – Mobile Trans. It can transfer your contacts, text messages, music, videos and photos from your old iPhone to Galaxy S4 with ease, even can convert music and videos files to Galaxy S4 compatible formats. It supports iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 running on iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Note: Before start, please back up your iPhone data first.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy S4

Step 1: Run the phone transfer tool

Install the phone transfer tool and run it. You will see the interface like this.


Step 2: Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 both to the computer

Use the USB cables to connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 both to the computer. The program will detect your two devices. After that, you will see the iPhone on the left, and Galaxy S4 on the right. The left is original phone, and the right is destination phone. The data will be transferred from left to right. And you can easily exchange them by clicking “Flip” in the center. And if you want to remove the original data on the Galaxy S4, Just tick “Clear Data before Copy” tab.

iphone to galaxy

Step 3: Transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy S4 With the Mobile Trans, you can transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos on your iPhone to Galaxy S4 at one time. When you want to transfer part of data, just select what you want. Click “Start Copy” to begin the data transferring. When the transfer progress is completed, please click “OK” to finish.

iphone to galaxy s4

Now, the data on your iPhone are on your Galaxy S4. Mobile Trans, which is helpful and efficient , makes it so easy to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung S4.

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