Nas?l Google Nexus kök 5 tek bir t?klamayla

Rab?ta 5 (Hammerhead) is an Android smartphone manufactured by LG. It is one of Google’s Nexus line of flagship devices and served as the launch device for Android 4.4 KitKat. Bu yüzden, it always up to date with the latest version of Android.

Rooting Nexus 5 is one of the hottest topics over the internet (So does flashing a custom ROM to it). Among the many rooting ways, Kingo Android Root will be a good choice.


1. Free download one-click Android Root tool.
2. Make sure your phone is powered ON and at least 30% Pil seviyesi.
3. USB kablosu.
4. Ayg?t?n?z? USB hata ay?klamay? etkinle?tir.
5. Android için yükseltme 6.

Steps to root your Nexus 5

Ad?m 1: Launch Android Root tool.

You will see a window as below.


Ad?m 2: Nexus ba?lanmak 5 to computer via USB cable.

This will take a little time. The software will install mobile driver automatically.

Ad?m 3: Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

If you have done this before, skip this step and move on. If not, please read this tutorial: How to enable USB debugging mode on your Android.

Ad?m 4: Read the notifications carefully.

Please read it carefully and make sure you know what you are doing.


Ad?m 5: Click Root to start rooting.

It will take a few minutes to root your Nexus 5. Once you started, it will pop up and ask if you want to continue. Rooting will void your warranty and possibly brick your phone(Are there any risks to root your phone?). T?k Tamam if you are sure what will happen.


Ad?m 6: Kök ba?ar?l? oldu! Click Finish and wait for reboot.

Your device is now successfully rooted. T?k Biti? to reboot it to make stable. After reboot, you will see a SuperSU icon on your device, which is the mark of a successful root.


Nas?l kök senin Android telefon ve Tablet

Köklenme önce, baz? sorular sormak isteyebilirsiniz:

  1. Kök anlam? ne?
  2. Ne ben köklenme üzerinden kazanç m??
  3. Bir ayg?t kök için herhangi bir risk vard?r?

Kök için haz?rl?k

1. Her ?eyi, ayg?t?n?zda yedekle.
Ba?lamadan önce bu senin için önemli mi. Yeni bir flash önce de her zaman geçerli veri ve ROM yedeklemelisiniz.

2. Ayg?t?n?z dolu oldu?undan emin olun, ya da en az?ndan 50% Pil seviyesi.

3. Ayg?t?n?z? USB hata ay?klamay? etkinle?tir. ?le ilgili: USB hata ay?klama etkinle?tirme

4. Senin bootloader unlock. ?le ilgili: Nas?l senin bootloader unlock

5. Internet ba?lant?s? gerekli

6. USB kablosu

Nas?l kök Android Kingo Android kök ile yap?l?r


Ad?m 1: ?ndir Kingo Android kök

??te Kingo'n?n uyumlu ayg?tlar?n listesi. Bu kar??dan yüklemeden önce lütfen orada kontrol edin. Telefonunuz listede yoksa, üzülmeyin, ayn? s?ra telefon bulmaya çal???n. Ya da gitmek gerekir XDA geli?tiriciler Forumu (en ünlü Androd forum) yard?m. Özel cihaz?n?z bir i? parçac???nda aray?n ve ayg?t?n?z?n kök için bir yöntem bulaca??n?zdan emin olabilirsiniz.

Ad?m 2: Kingo Android kök ba?latmak

Program? yükledikten sonra, Kingo Android kök masaüstü simgesini çift t?klat?n ve denize indirmek o.

ayg?t de?il ba?l?

Ad?m 3: Android cihaz?n?z? USB kablosu ile bilgisayara ba?lay?n.

Önce bilgisayar?n?zdaki ayg?t sürücünüzü yüklemediyseniz, Kingo internetten download ve otomatik olarak yükleyin.

ÖNEML?: Bir komut istemi windows için ayg?t ekran dikkat. Kene “Her zaman bu bilgisayardan izin ver”.

USB hata ay?klamaya izin verme

Ad?m 4: T?k “kök” Ayg?t?n?z kök.

Program ayg?t?n?z kök için çal??aca??z. Bu süreç içinde, birkaç kez yeniden do?mu? gibi senin ayg?t.

Galaxy s3 kök ba?lant?

Ad?m 5: Kök ba?ar?l? oldu, T?k “Biti?” ayg?t?n?z? yeniden ba?latmak için.


Ad?m 6: Ayg?t?n?z kök durumunu kontrol edin.

Ayg?t?n?zda yüklü SuperSU ad?nda bir app bulursan?z, o zaman Tebrikler, Ayg?t?n?z köklü ba?ar?l? var..

Bir Android cihaz kök için herhangi bir risk vard?r

You may see lots of tutorials telling you how to root your phone or tablet, but rarely mention any potential risks. So this article will answer some questions about risks of rooting.

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Does it have the potential to brick the device?

Evet, it is possible. Since you are playing with your system files you do run a risk of bricking your phone (phone being rendered to an unusable state equivalent to a brick). But it should be very unlikely if you follow the instructions carefully. Bilirsin, there are tens of thousands of Android Users have rooted their phones successfully. Even if really you brick the phone, it can be recovered 99% of the times by just flashing another firmware or flashing back the stock firmware.

Will it void my warranty?

Definitely. But in most cases you have the opportunity to restore your phone to a condition that they’ll never know that you rooted your phone. And sometimes they do not even check to see if you rooted your phone when you return it.

Will I stop getting updates?

De?il, rooting will not stop you getting any updates. If you root and keep stock ROM or flash a stock ROM, you will still get OTA update (but running an update will un-root your phone). And if you flash a custom ROM, you can also get its own constant updates (such as CyanogenMod, Pananoid).

Will the cops show up at my front door the next day?

De?il, rooting your phone is not illegal. So don’t worry about this. Besides, who knows it!

Anything else should I know about rooting?

De?il, Gerçekten, rooting is a relatively painless process with a lot of theseeasy one touch (un)root toolsand even then there is a plethora of guides and help from XDA to guide you and troubleshoot any problems you might have. But if you are happy with your phone just the way it is, then don’t root.

To learn how to root, please do some reading about your device at the bible of Android: XDA-Developers.

Ne ben köklenme üzerinden kazanç m?

I have rooted my phone. Now what? Ne ben köklenme üzerinden kazanç m??This is a common question by those who have just rooted their phones. Asl?nda, before you root your phone, you may want to know what apps, ROMs and other benefits you can get from rooting. And here is why you should root your Android phone.

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Uninstall bloatware

The phone manufacturer always adds its own apps to the phone which are often marked as system apps and hence cannot be uninstalled (e.g.: Samsung’s Music Hub, Book hub etc). They may make your phone slow and occupy memory and space. With root access, you can get rid of them.

uninstall bloatware

Overclock or underclock CPU

With an app like SetCPU, you can control the processor speed of your phone by overclocking (set your CPU max frequency higher than its standard value) or underclocking (set it lower than its min value). Overclocking helps if you want to run an app that needs high requirements. While underclocking helps in getting a better battery life.

Örne?in, you can make your processor overclocked when you play graphics-intensive games, but have them draw the bare minimum power when the screen is turned off.

setcpu for root users

Better backup

Google does a good job of keeping the contacts, mail, mesajlar, takvimler, foto?raflar, apps and other Google-y things in order. But with an app called Titanium Backup, not only back up all of your apps, but also can back up all of the data stored in those apps.


Get updates quicker

Android phone manufacturers always take months to release the latest Android updates (and some phones even have no chance to upgrade). When Google announced Lollipop, maybe you were yet to get the JellyBean. So why are you still waiting for the latest OS when you could simply root your phone and get it right now? Who has the patience?

Android’s developer community are often able to get the new OS onto a phone months before the carrier releases the update. Once you’re rooted, you just need to find the OS version you want and install it (optimized for your specific device).

Automate everything

With an awesome app Tasker, which uses the “if this, then that” mentality, you can make your phone a genius. It can automate everything on your phone. Örne?in, you can automatically silence your phone at night, turn on your Wi-Fi when you’re at home, open up music app when you connect to your car’s Bluetooth. Asl?nda, it doesn’t need root access, but if you are rooted, it can do much more than you think. For more automation inspiration, check out burada.


bir Custom ROM flash

This is one of the best benefits of rooting. A custom ROM is basically a custom version of Android, it may be a stock version of Android, adds a few handy features, adds lots of really unique features, or change your Android from head to toe. Bu arada, CyanogenMod is a very popular rom that many people put on their phones.


Not: You don’t actually need root access to flash a custom ROM, though you will need to Senin bootloader unlock (a process that sometimes comes bundled with root access). And you should always do a backup before installing any ROM, because you may also need to wipe all data and cache on your phone before installing a ROM.

Addition to the above, there are other benefits that you can dig by yourself. In the end, I have to remind you that rooting will brick your phone forever, so please be cautious. But I think it worth the risk.

Ne yapar “kök bir telefon” Demek

Q: “I heard root a phone or rooted phone, rooting, vb. in android forums but I don’t know what it means. Can you explain it in simple terms?”

kök bir telefon

Kar?? “kök” your phone means to gain root access (administrator rights) on the OS of your phone. It’s similar running programs as administrator in Windows. When you get a new phone, while there are a lot of settings you can tweak, you can only alter what the manufacturer allows you to. With root access, you can modify the phone’s apps on the very deepest level, even the operating system.

Bilirsin, most phones have limited access regarding what you can and can’t do on it. This is not a bad thing, because it can keep users from accidentally breaking something they shouldn’t mess with, like the system files. Ancak, something they limited are not really so mission critical.

Örne?in, they may pre-install some unnecessary applications on your phone that you can’t uninstall, but rooting your phone will give you this permission. It will also allow you to upgrade to newer versions of Android before the manufacturer or cell provider make the updates available to you. What is more, you can flash custom ROMs on your phone.

Rooting may voids your warranty, and there is a small chance that you could completely break your phone forever. You should take it seriously. But it is still totally worth it for all the goodies you get access to.

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Nas?l Unlock Bootloader üstünde Android ayg?t

Önyükleme yükleyicisi nedir

Bootloader Android cihaz?n?z?n i?letim sistem çizme yukar?ya anlat?r kodu bir parças?d?r. Üreticiniz onlar?n Android i?letim sistemi sürümüne sokman? istiyorum genellikle kilitli, ayg?t?n?z için özel olarak tasarlanm??t?r. Kilitli bootloader ile, Senin deice özelle?tirme yap?lamaz (Örne?in. bir Custom ROM flash).


Senin bootloader unlock

Uyar?: Anahtarc? bootloader garantiyi geçersiz k?lar.. Ayr?ca tamamen siliyor (biçimleri) uygulamalar da dahil olmak üzere, Android telefonunuzun dahili bellek, kontaklar?, k?sa mesajlar, Resimler ve benzeri.

1. Ayg?t?n?z? USB hata ay?klamay? etkinle?tir. (Burada K?lavuzu)

2. Ayg?t?n?z? bir USB kablosuyla bilgisayar?n?za ba?lay?n. Bunu yapmak için ilk zaman ise, sen-ecek almak için izin isteyen bir aç?l?r pencere.

USB hata ay?klamaya izin verme

3. Bilgisayar?n?z?n terminal aç?n (Kazanmak + R tu?lar?na bas?n, cmd yaz?n ve Enter tu?una bas?n), Android SDK platformu araçlar?n? klasörü de?i?tirmek. Genellikle, Böyle bir ?ey görünüyor, Ama Android SDK, bilgisayar?n?za yükledi?iniz tam yolunu bulmal?y?z:
C:/Android SDK/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/

Klasör yolunu de?i?tirmek için, "cd" önüne koymak gerekir, Bütün komuta bakmak gibi çok:
CD C:/Android SDK/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/


4. O zaman lütfen cihaz?n fastboot modda önyükleme için a?a??daki komut sat?r?n? yaz?n:
ADB yeniden do?mu? gibi bootloader

5. Ayg?t?n?z fastboot modunda oldu?unda, komut sat?r? a?a??daki türü:
fastboot ayg?tlar?

6. ?imdi sen-ebilmek görmek senin ayg?t seri numaras?. Senin seri halinde say? göremiyorsan?z, ve bunun yerine görmek “<ayg?t bekliyor>”, yüklemek “Android SDK.

7. Komut sat?r? ve bas?n Enter tu?una yaz?n:
fastboot oem unlock

8. Reddi kabul gerekir, ayg?t?n?zda görüntülenecek. Seçene?i seçmek için ses seviyesi tu?lar?n? kullan?n “Evet”, Seçiminizi onaylamak için güç dü?mesine bas?n.

bootloader unlock

9. E?er otomatik olarak yeniden do?mu? gibi ayg?t yok, menüden yeniden do?mu? gibi.

Tebrikler, Sen cihazd?r ?imdi kilidi.

Android aç?k kaynak OS ve birçok farkl? donan?mlarda mevcuttur, Her üretici kendi sürümünü bootloader vard?r. Bunlar?n ço?u kendi web sitesinde bootloader unlock yard?mc? olacak yöntemleri sa?lar.

Baz? üreticiler ve ta??y?c?lar? bootloader kilidini izin verme, Ama ço?unlukla o etraf?nda bir yol bulabilirsiniz XDA geli?tiriciler Forumu.