How to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive?

Now more and more people have a data backup plan to avoid data loss. Most of them are likely to copy their crucial data on the portable device such as USB flash drive. But if the data on the USB flash drive lost, how could they do? They need to recover the data.

How to Recover Files from USB Flash Drive in Windows?
In that case, a reliable USB data recovery software can help you to get out of the woods. USB flash drive recovery software is the very one that empowers you to recover deleted, formatted, lost data from USB flash drive in Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista.

Below are the easy steps:
Step 1. Download & install & run this USB data recovery program. Insert your USB flash drive into your PC.

Step 2. No matter the files are deleted or you have just formatted the USB flash drive, choose “Lost File Recovery“, this USB data recovery would get those files back.

Step 3. Select you flash drive from the partition list, and click “Start” to begin the scanning.

Step 4. After scanning, A window-explorer-like window appears. Unfold the folders in the left column and highlight the folders you would like to recover, then the files are listed on the right part of the software, you can preview the files that would be recovered, but if there is “No preview available. The file will be corrupted”, then the files may be destroyed.

Note: Do not save the recovered files on the orginal place again.

Download the USB Flash Drive Recovery now.

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