Zijn er eventuele risico's voor de wortel van een Android toestel

You may see lots of tutorials telling you how to root your phone or tablet, but rarely mention any potential risks. So this article will answer some questions about risks of rooting.


What is root?
Wat baat Ik wroeten?
Unlock your bootload
How to root your Android device
Hoe u reservekopieën van Android telefoon

Does it have the potential to brick the device?

Ja, it is possible. Since you are playing with your system files you do run a risk of bricking your phone (phone being rendered to an unusable state equivalent to a brick). But it should be very unlikely if you follow the instructions carefully. Weet je, there are tens of thousands of Android Users have rooted their phones successfully. Even if really you brick the phone, it can be recovered 99% of the times by just flashing another firmware or flashing back the stock firmware.

Will it void my warranty?

Definitely. But in most cases you have the opportunity to restore your phone to a condition that they’ll never know that you rooted your phone. And sometimes they do not even check to see if you rooted your phone when you return it.

Will I stop getting updates?

Niet, rooting will not stop you getting any updates. If you root and keep stock ROM or flash a stock ROM, you will still get OTA update (but running an update will un-root your phone). And if you flash a custom ROM, you can also get its own constant updates (such as CyanogenMod, Pananoid).

Will the cops show up at my front door the next day?

Niet, rooting your phone is not illegal. So don’t worry about this. Besides, who knows it!

Anything else should I know about rooting?

Niet, Echt, rooting is a relatively painless process with a lot of theseeasy one touch (un)root toolsand even then there is a plethora of guides and help from XDA to guide you and troubleshoot any problems you might have. But if you are happy with your phone just the way it is, then don’t root.

To learn how to root, please do some reading about your device at the bible of Android: XDA-Developers.

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