FAQ: ?? iPhone ??????????

iphone-wont-chargeWhat do you do if you find that you iPhone won’t charge? Maybe you think the battery is broken, and you need a new one. But in fact, there are some things that could be interfering with the ability to charge your iPhone battery. You can try these things before you to replace the battery.

1. Check USB Port

If your iPhone can’t get a charge when you using a USB port. The first thing you have to try is to plug in your iPhone to another USB port or another computer. If then the computer recognizes and charges your phone, that would means the previous USB port is broken.

2. Check USB Cable

You need to check your USB cable. The USB cable is used to connect your iPhone and computer or wall charger. If it was broken, then of course you can not recharge. Here you can use Replacing Method to check (change another USB cable). If you find that the problem is the USB cable, just go to buy a new one.

3. Check Wall Charger

Although the wall charger seldom goes wrong, we need to take this possibility into consideration. You can still use the Replacing Method to have a test. Borrow another people’s charger or just charge your iPhone by your computer. Therefore we can check out whether the wall charger is broken.

4. Check the Voltage

Phone charging requires a certain voltage. Maybe you are used to use some device like keyboard to charge your phone, but sometimes it can’t provide enough voltage. Then your phone could not get a charge. So please make sure you are not plugging your iPhone to a keyboard but on your computer.

5. Restart iPhone

Reboot is the most common way to solve little problems. You might be surprised at its efficiency. Meanwhile, it cannot solve all the problems. But when you find your phone can’t charge, why not restart it and re-plug in the power. That may give you a surprise.

6. Use iPhone Recovery Mode

Sometimes solving more complex problems on your iPhone requires more extensive steps. Restart can’t hand this. Then you can make the phone into recovery mode to restore form a backup or to factory settings (will delete all your data). This would be a good way.

7. Your battery is dead

If none of the things above work, ?????, you battery is dead and needs to be replaced. Apple offers a battery service for $79, ??? $6.95 shipping. If your iPhone is covered by Apple’s One Year Limited Warranty, AppleCare+, or AppleCare Protection Plan, you can replace it for free.

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