iPhone battery percentage

IPhone ???????????????? & ???

This guide will show you how to show battery percentage on iPhone & ???.

We all know that Apple use a small battery icon on the top right of its devices to show how much power is left, and it will pop up warnings when the battery is at 20% ? 10%, which I think is not enough. Have you ever want to know exactly the battery life you have left.

The battery percentage indicator is an essential feature to accurately assess the current battery level of your iPhone and iPad. But Apple have this feature turned off by default.

Here we will show how to turn on this:
1. Tap on [??]
2. Tap on ??
3. Tap on Usage
4. Switch on Battery Percentage


That’s all there is to enable battery percent on iPhone or iPad. And now you know how much battery life is left on your device that you can use this information to help make proper battery decisions.

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