Olee otú Iji mgb?r?gw? Google Nexus 5 na Otu Click

Nexus 5 (Hammerhead) is an Android smartphone manufactured by LG. It is one of Google’s Nexus line of flagship devices and served as the launch device for Android 4.4 KitKat. Ya mere,, it always up to date with the latest version of Android.

Rooting Nexus 5 is one of the hottest topics over the internet (So does flashing a custom ROM to it). Among the many rooting ways, Kingo Android Root will be a good choice.


1. Free download one-click Android Root tool.
2. Make sure your phone is powered ON and at least 30% battery level.
3. USB Cable.
4. Kwado USB debugging na ngwa?r? g?.
5. Do not upgrade to Android 6.

Steps to root your Nexus 5

Nz??kw? 1: Launch Android Root tool.

You will see a window as below.


Nz??kw? 2: jik?? Nexus 5 to computer via USB cable.

This will take a little time. The software will install mobile driver automatically.

Nz??kw? 3: Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

If you have done this before, ikwu nke a nz??kw? na-aga. ? b?r? na b?gh?, biko g?? a nkuzi: Otú e si enyere USB debugging mode na g? gam akporo.

Nz??kw? 4: G?? ihe nd? na ?ma ?kwa nke ?ma.

Biko g?? ya nke ?ma na-eme ka n'aka na ? maara ihe ? na-eme.


Nz??kw? 5: P?a Root-amalite d?r?.

? ga-ewe nkeji ole na ole ka mgb?r?gw? g? Nexus 5. Ozugbo ? malitere, ? ga-gbap?ta na-ar?? ma ? b?r? na ? ch?r? ?n?gide na. D?r? ga-ndum g? akw?kw? ikike na ikekwe brick ekwent? g?(È nwere ihe ize nd? ka mgb?r?gw? na ekwent? g??). Click OK ma ? b?r? na ? na-n'aka na ihe ga-eme.


Nz??kw? 6: Root n'?n?du! P?a r?chaa na-eche maka reboot.

Ngwa?r? g? na-now ?ma gbanyere mkp?r?gw?. Click imecha reboot ya na-eme m?. Mgbe reboot, ? ga-ah? a SuperSU icon na ngwa?r? g?, nke b? akara nke a nke ?ma na-akpata.


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