How To Back Up Your Android Phones

It is a good habit to back up your phone data regularly. Because you never know when will you need it. For example, rooting your phone, flashing a ROM are risky, you may lose your important data.

In this tutorial, we are going to introduce 4 ways to back up your android phone.

  1. Copy Data to Computer
  2. Use Google service
  3. Use Third-party App
  4. Use Mobile Transfer Software

Method 1: Copy Data to Computer

As Android phone can be mounted as an external hard drive on computer, when you connect your Android phone to PC via USB cable, you will see a new Drive in My Computer. Open it and you will access to all your files. Then copy and paste all the files to a folder in your computer.

Note: For Mac users, you need to install Android File Transfer on Mac.


It’s easy, right?

Method 2: Use Google Backup Service

Google provides a very convenient Auto Backup Service. You can back up data and settings to your Google account.

What data and settings will be backed up

  • Contacts
  • Calendar and settings
  • Wi-Fi networks & passwords
  • Gmail settings
  • Home screen wallpapers
  • Apps installed through Google Play
  • Display settings (Brightness & Sleep)
  • Language &Input settings

Steps to back up your data using Android Backup Service

1. Open your device’s Settings
2. Touch Backup & reset
3. Check “Back up my data.”


You may ask, what about the photos and music? Don’t worry, you can also back up photos, videos, files, and music from your device using Google account in other ways.

1. For photos, videos, you can use Auto Backup to automatically back up them to your Google account. Make sure you have Auto Backup enabled on your phone.
2. For files and folders, please go to Google Drive (
3. For music, you can download and install Music Manager on your computer, and use it to upload your music files to Google Play.
4. For SMS and Call Logs, you can install SMS Backup + App. It’s quite popular with 4.4/5 rating on the Google Play.

Well, Google actually provides different methods to back up your data. But it is not convenient if you want to back up all your data. Let’s see some more convenient ways.

Method 3: Use Third-Party App

You can back up almost everything on your phone by some paid third-party apps (root required). Here we will introduce you 3 apps, and all of them have free version:

  1. Titanium Backup PRO Key
  2. G Cloud Backup
  3. Helium (Premium)

Please visit the links above to get more information.

Method 4: Use Phone Transfer

First, please download and install Phone Transfer. It has Windows and Mac version.

Launch the transfer software. When connect your phone to your PC, you will see the window below. Click Back Up Your Phone,

With Phone Transfer, you can back up your contacts, SMS, apps, audio, videos, photos, Call Logs and calendars. Check those content you want to backup and click Start Transfer.

backup android phone

By default, the backup file will be saved at C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Wondershare\MobileTrans\Backup. You can change the save path in the Settings.

Note: If you want to restore your phone. Launch the software and choose Restore From Backups > MobileTrans, The software will detect the backup files on the computer automatically. Check all the content you want to restore and click Start Transfer.


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