Conas a ghnóthú Scriosta sonraí ó Do Fón Android

You might have accidentally deleted the contacts, SMS, grianghraif, videos or files on your Android phone. Don’t be upset, you should try to recover the data as soon as possible. And please remember do not save or install anything to your device or turn it off until you attempt recovery. Because the deleted data is likely to be overwritten by any new content.

Preparations to recover data on Android

How to recover deleted data on Android

After doing the above preparations, recover your deleted data is a very simple work. You only need a few clicks.

Céim 1: Connect your device

Connect your device to the computer and launch the Android Data Recovery tool.

Céim 2: Identify your device

The software will try to connect your device and your computer. An app named MobileGo will be installed automatically on your phone to guarantee the connection and recovery processes. Agus le do thoil ná tús aon bhogearraí bainistíochta Android eile le linn an phróisis.

Nóta: If the USB debugging is disable, the program will teach you how to enable it.

connect phone to pc

Céim 3: Get ready to scan device

Now the software is ready to scan your Android device. You will see a window like this. Select the types of data you want to recover: teagmhálacha, SMS, Logchomhaid Call, teachtaireachtaí WhatsApp & balls, grianghraif, físeáin, fuaime, nó roinnt comhaid eile. Check them and click Ar Aghaidh chun leanúint ar aghaidh.

choose types of file to recover

Then you will be asked to choose to scan deleted files or all files. Is léir go, only scan the deleted files will take less time.

scanning mode

In order to recover more data, the software will root your device automatically and return it to unrooted status after recovery process.

Céim 4: Tosaigh Scanta

The program will scan your Android phone for the deleted data. After a few minutes, the process should be finished. All the recoverable data will be listed. Select the data that needs to be recovered and click Ghnóthú. Is féidir leat a roghnú cosán ar do ríomhaire a shábháil ar na sonraí a aisghabháil mar HTML nó comhad TXT.

Nóta: The Android Data Recovery software can’t put any recoverable content back to your phone directly.

scan your phone

How to never lose your data again

Data is priceless. Mar sin féin, data recovery is costly. You should form a good habit to back up data regularly.

There are so many ways to back up your Android’s data. You can directly copy the photos, físeáin, fuaime, and other documents to computer. Using Google Backup Service to sync the contacts, SMS, féilire, etc. to your Google account.

Android File Transfer is a very useful software that can back up your Android’s data to your computer. Tá sé an dá fuinneoga agus Mac leagan. You can download below.

Steps to back up Android in one click
1. Run the software and connect your phone to your computer. Cliceáil Ar ais suas do Fón on the software homepage.

2. The software can back up contacts, teachtaireachtaí téacs, Logchomhaid Call, apps, fuaime, físeáin, photos and calendars. Tick those you want and click Start Transfer. The backup files will be saved by default at C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Wondershare\MobileTrans\Backup. You can change the save path in the Settings.


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