How to Convert Blu-ray Movie to Nexus 10

This guide is about how to rip & convert Blu-ray to Nexus 10 with the easiest & most effective way. And the whole guide can compress to only 3 steps if you’re not so addict to the parameters of the output video. But I will show you some advanced settings while the steps going.

Before the final guide start, we should make something clear.


  1. Nexus 10: this stuff has a 10.1 inches touchscreen with 2560*1600 pixels, 16G or 32G internal storage and no SD card slot. Obviously Nexus 10 can provide you the best ever movie watching experience. But the storage is limited, please don’t transfer too much HD movie into it.
    Nexus 10 supports those video format: 1080P MP4/H.264/DivX/WM
  2. Computer: you need a computer with Blu-ray driver, no matter the internal or external one. And also have the free storage which larger than 20G in your hard drive.
  3. Blu-ray movie source: this guide is useless without your lovely Blu-ray movie source. The Blu-ray folder in hard drive or Blu-ray disc, both of them can be supported by Blu-ray Ripper.
  4. Blu-ray Ripper: a necessary tool to rip & convert your favorite Blu-ray movie to HD or common video with various formats, like MKV, MP4, AVI etc.

Ok, if you have all the preparations, let’s get the final guide start.

Step 1, Import Blu-ray movie source into this Blu-ray Ripper

Run the Blu-ray Ripper, click “Load BD” button to find your Blu-ray movie source and import it into this program. BTW, you can also click “Load DVD” button to import your DVD movie. After loaded, you may select output subtitle, audio and angle if your disc provided.

Step 2, Select the output video profile

Click the “Profile” drop-down-list, and select one profile as the output video format. As we mentioned that Nexus 10 support MP4/H.264/DivX/WM video up to 1080P. So you can choose “HD H.264 MPEG-4” in “HD Video” as output video format. Adjust the “Video Quality” and “Audio Quality” as high for the better output video quality.

Advanced settings: If you need to custom the output video parameters, you can click “Settings” button next to “Profile” drop-down-list to start advanced settings. You can adjust the video codec, video size, bit rate, aspect ratio, audio codec, etc.

Step 3, Rip & Convert Blu-ray to Nexus 10

OK, now, just click “Convert” button on the right bottom to get the conversion start. After the conversion is finished, you just need to find the output HD video, and connect your Nexus 10 with computer, turn on the “usb mass storage” mode on your Nexus 10, put the video into your Nexus 10. And you can enjoy your favorite Blu-ray movie with Nexus 10 anywhere.

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