recover deleted messages from android

Hoe om Boodskappe herstel van Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6

Q:”I accidentally deleted whole conversation of text messages instead of 2 spesifieke boodskappe. Hoe herstel ek my Boodskappe? They were not backed up by cloud.” – gevra deur ariat89

Everyone may encounter this problem. So the question is, how to retrieve the messages? The answer is, restoring from the backup file is always the best solution if you have a good backup habit. But if you do not have a backup? moenie bekommerd wees nie, this article will provide you with a solution.

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Why we can retrieve the deleted messages?

When you delete a message on your phone, In werklikheid, it does not actually deleted but just be invisible. The phone just delete it from the index file, so you can’t see it any more. But it does still exist on your phone. That is the reasion why we get some possibilities to find the message back.

How to retrieve deleted messages from Samsung Galaxy

We need a program that can scan your phone and try to get data back. There are many this type of software, like Dr.Fone for Android, Aiseesoft, ens. So you only need to select one of them and follow the instructions. Here we will use Dr.Fone for Android as an example.

1. Download Android Data Recovery program hier, or its offical website.
2. Root your phone. (Sien ook: How to root your Galaxy S5)
3. Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
4. Install the program and run it, sluit dan jou Samsung Galaxy S5 na die rekenaar. The program will start to connecting your device and your computer. An app named MobileGo will be installed automatically on your phone to guarantee the connection and recovery processes. And please do not start any other Android management software during this process.
connect galaxy to computer
5. Select the types of data you want to scan for: kontakte, SMS, Call Logs, WhatsApp Kontak & aanhegsels, Foto's, videos, klank, or some other files. Check them and click Next to continue.
select data type
6. Select a storage scanning mode: Scan for deleted files or Scan for all files. Hit Next.
select scanning mode
7. Click Start button to begin scanning.
8. Wait for a few minutes until the process finishes. The program will give all the scanned data in lists. Select the data that needs to be recovered and click Recover. You can select a path on your computer to save these recovered data as a HTML or TXT file.
Let wel: Die geskrap kinders sal in oranje en bestaande in swart. Jy kan hulle skei deur die gebruik van die knoppie hierbo: Slegs vertoon geskrap items.
recover deleted data

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